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The name of the drain may sound fancy, but it’s really noting more than a ditch filled with gravel and a pipe with extra holes in its sides.

French drains help manage water at ground level by allowing any kind of water runoff to flow into a trench filled with gravel that covers a perforated pipe. Water drains into the perforated pipe, then flows away from any structure or landscaping area that might be damaged by standing water. The slope and flow need to be designed to make sure water flow is controlled.

French drains are commonly used to direct water flow away from homes, particularly those with basements, driveways with heavy runoff, or soggy areas of yards. Commercial properties may need French drains to remove water from low-lying areas of landscaping or near business buildings.

Commercial or residential properties may need French drains around retaining walls, especially ones next to a hillside or other sloping area. Standing water can slowly and seriously damage retaining walls if standing water is not directed away from the structure.

Ace Construction Texas is top-rated as a French drain company that can help design, plan, and construct these important parts of your drainage system. Excess or standing water can become a serious and expensive problem if not addressed.

Our team of professionals can construct the best French drain solution for your needs. Ace Construction Texas French drain specialists will work with you to complete your project and help avoid future drainage issues.

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Recommended for common French drains is a trench that is 12 inches wide and up to 24 inches deep. The slope should be 1 inch for each 8 feet of perforated pipe. Our team is skilled in measuring and constructing all necessary aspects of your French drain. That are a variety of variables to consider including the type of soil, slope of the land, how close the drain needs to be to structures, and where the water flow will end up.

Water draining through a French drain can be left to irrigate a landscape area, captured in a barrel for reuse, or flow into a retention or decorative pond. The goal is to proactively move the water away from problem areas and use the water for a positive result.

As a side note, French drains are not named after the European country. They are named after Henry French who developed the drainage design in 1859. The judge and farmer wrote about his discovery in a book about farm drainage he used on his land in Concord, Mass.

Depending on where you live, a French drain may also be called a French ditch, soakaway, weeping drain, rubble drain, trench drain, perimeter drain, filter drain, or rock drain.

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