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No construction job manager wants to imagine the nightmare that would unfold without clear plans for project management and good communication. These two elements go hand-in-hand with successfully completing all jobs undertaken at Ace Construction Texas.

Project management includes everything needed to complete a job. Every project has a beginning, all work has to be planned, workers need to get the work done, all work needs to be controlled, and the project must be closed out once all work is completed. Project management allows a construction team to complete specific parts of a project and ultimately achieve project completion on schedule. All the constraints of a project must be effectively managed to achieve all project-related goals.

Managing a project always requires good communication and an understanding of what is needed to communicate effectively. Good communication is always a two-way conversation. Dictating and demanding is not good communication.

Steps To Construction Project Success

When work needs to get done, project managers and contractors need to listen to others involved, care about the concerns of others and the needs of the project, and be willing to work cooperatively toward the end goal of completing all work and ultimately the entire project. Communication along the route of completing a project makes sure everyone succeeds and everyone gets paid.

No one can communicate well by “going it alone,” otherwise you’re just talking to yourself. Good communication is fostered by:

  • Having a thoughtful communication plan. This keeps everyone operating from the same platform and develops trust among teams on the way to success on the job. Have a well-defined purpose, set goals, and follow a realistic work schedule.
  • Building communication skills that always listen before barking orders, prioritize efficiency over speed, ask questions to get a clear picture of all situations, respect everyone involved, and make sure everyone else on the project knows what’s going on.
  • Setting a tone for communications across the project. Project management requires someone to step into the leadership role and that person can dictate from their tone of communication the success or failure of the project. Be open with all parties, keep everyone talking together, and adapt as needed with a positive emphasis in all communication.

Resolve Construction Project Issues

Every project is going to have issues – welcome to the world of construction. The key to resolving issues is proper project management and good communication. Again, these two elements of contribute to the overall success of every job on ever job site. Managing individual issues helps project managers.
Here are some important points for managing construction project issues:

  • Write it down. Have a log of issues that arise with details of everyone involved, what happened, timeframe, effects, and what measure were put into place to solve the issues.
  • Assign tasks to correct any issues. Use people inside the overall project or find someone else to step in and take over as needed. This is critical because it is the “take action” step. Time is of the essence with specific issues just as keeping to a project labor time schedule is important. One supports the other.
  • Monitor issue progress. Keep an eye on issues by requiring regular reports on assigned tasks and review all corrective action that has been completed.
  • Close it out. Once an issue is resolved write up the final report and close out all work related to the issue. Like all work on a construction project, get the work done and move forward.

When properly combined, project management and good communication help construction projects work smoothly.

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