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The team at Ace Construction Texas specializes as a trusted retaining wall contractor serving commercial and residential customers across Texas.

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Retaining Wall Experts in Texas

Retaining walls serve a variety of functions from water drainage control to preventing soil erosion to simply adding a touch of beauty to your property. Ace Construction Texas, is one of the top concrete contractors in Austin TX can help you build retaining walls to meet all your property needs.

What We Offer...

Ace Construction Texas offers complete retaining wall service from design to installation. We can construct a variety of walls with different materials. Various materials are used based on the need of the retaining wall, i.e. concrete for flood control, and the type of look you want for the wall, i.e. stone vs. wood.

Types of retaining walls include:

  • Wood retaining wall – sturdy timber planks provide a more affordable and versatile option
  • Stone retaining wall – these are long-lasting walls that provide an appearance to complement property landscaping
  • Poured concrete retaining wall – these walls may be seen more in commercial properties but can also be designed for residential use
  • Steel retaining wall – metal retaining walls offer both affordability and simplicity in design while providing durable effectiveness

Whichever type fits your needs, Ace Construction Texas is well-equipped and skilled in building retaining walls that last for years.

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    There are many considerations to installing retaining walls. They generally are built as barriers to prevent soil erosion or to manage water runoff. The main purpose of a retaining wall is to provide a protective barrier as needed. Soil type, ground slope, and proximity to buildings or other structures will affect how a retaining wall is constructed.

    Retaining walls must be able to withstand extreme pressure and force from soil constantly pressing against the structure. Natural changes over time and due to weather elements can cause the soil behind the wall to shift. There is also the danger that water runoff, especially flooding, can cause problems with the wall. The key to maintaining a functioning retaining wall is to make sure it is built correctly to start.

    Ace Construction Texas can help with the design and planning of your residential or commercial retaining wall.

    Why Choose Us?

    To build a functioning retaining wall that will stand the tests of time and natural elements, you need to hire Ace Construction Texas as your professional retaining wall contractor. A knowledgeable and experienced team like ours is necessary to make sure your retainer wall is built properly. Our quality work ensures your retaining wall investment will serve its purpose.

    A professionally installed retaining wall is built so it won’t bulge, break apart, or lean. Our expertise as a quality retaining wall contractor ensures we can build a wall with the strength and durability to prevent soil erosion and help control water runoff and flooding.

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