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Safety is always a concern and top priority for construction companies that want to protect their employees, their clients, and their business. Safety has grown from an afterthought in the “old days” to a core value in the industry and a daily high priority for Ace Construction Texas.

Planning and maintaining quality safety programs has always required a thorough assessment of information about what issues have occurred, what plans were in place, what could have been done better, and what steps can be taken to ensure safety requirements are met going forward. All the information, or data, required review, assessment, and planning by personnel skilled in all aspects of the job requirements and safety.

Today’s technology-enhanced world has ushered in a new era of data evaluation where human safety issues are being assessed faster and in broader scope by technology. Analyzing all the data surrounding safety on a construction project and then implementing safety updates and improvements are possibly the most important processes needed to effectively complete any construction project.

Safety Technology Can Save Lives

Individual safety practices are key to the overall safety of a job site. Technology is leading the way in enhancing not only protection for workers but also effective job performance.

An example of this is wearable technology which can monitor the health and actions of workers. This is similar to a watch that monitors heart rate and daily steps. Wearable safety tech uses sensors to collect information about the worker and the surrounding work area. Wearable tech can monitor worker actions that affect safety and provide guidance for job effectiveness.

All data collected by wearable devices can be assessed by a central technology system that compiles all the data and coordinates actions to improve safety. Data collected can be GPS location, worker health (heart rate, breathing), environmental conditions, and equipment status. Technology using AI (artificial intelligence) can assess all this data and possible safety variations at an accelerated rate and offer immediate safety recommendations. A simple example is a worker’s sudden drop in heart rate and the connected wearable device shuts down the heavy equipment the worker is operating.

When technology helps prevent a construction job site accident, workers get to go home to their families and the work project avoids being shut down. Costs, especially from injury or loss of life, are lowered. This added safety creates a better work environment and an opportunity to attract workers in an industry plagued with a labor shortage.

Creating A Construction Safety Culture

The need for effective safety programs is shown in OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) labor statistics that 10 percent of construction site workers are injured each year. Statistics also reveal that the construction industry continues to be at the top of the list for the most workers killed on the job each year.

Safety is a top priority at Ace Construction Texas. Our construction company works to create a culture of safety that adapts technology to help with all safety concerns. Our goal is to improve safety for our employees, clients, and the overall construction industry.

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