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An industry accustomed to hard work, hand tools, and heavy equipment is fast realizing the costs associated with a cyber-connected world.

Ace Construction Texas, like all Texas construction companies, is realizing the need to stay connected to customers and resources through technological advancements. Handheld GPS devices, drones, back-office operations systems, and even automated equipment are tied together through technology that monitors and even directs day-to-day construction operations.

With this new level of connected technology comes cost-savings, work efficiencies, customer service enhancements and security risks. All of these add up to costs that must be accounted for in construction services delivered.

An Austin construction industry is committed to managing and securing the privacy and security of customers and customer jobs. Security has always been a part of protecting job sites which in turn leads to the security of customer operations associated with any work. The natural progression with connected technology is to maintain security, and thus privacy, in the cyber world.

Any additional technology needs come with a cost. High-tech equipment isn’t any cheaper than old hand tools. Maintenance on modern equipment and its associated cyber connection requires additional employee training and dedication to operate the technology as it is intended.

Our employees are dedicated to operating in such a way as to protect privacy and security of our company, our clients, and any contacts associated with our clients. There are risks in personal and business life that come with the convenience and advancements of the plug-and-play technology world.

Managing Cyber Concerns

The top cyber concerns for construction contractor can vary based on the size of their business and the services they provide. Most contractors will agree that maintain necessary and proper cyber control tools is critical to operating a modern company efficiently and effectively.

In today’s cyber-connected world, no business wants to risk unwanted access to customer data, business finances, business operations plans, or any employee data. A breach in any of these areas could negatively financially affect the contractor, vendors, customers, or employees. A single glitch in cyber security might leave a company vulnerable to costly corrections.

One of the most devastating problems with cyber issues is loss of control over any of the above-mentioned areas. Technology of any kind will break down on its own, but the major concern is a forced problem by an outside source or a cyber breach that locks the contractor from access to data or equipment. If someone steals a shovel or even a backhoe all is not lost. If a cyber breach locks down operations, the problem is quickly magnified.

Benefits Of Cyber-Enhanced Contractor

We put together a cyber management program that helps identify potential issues and allows us to act proactively to maintain full access and use of all our contractor technology. Even as cyber costs hit construction firms, we are confident in our ability to continue operations in a cyber-enhanced business environment.

We enjoy the many benefits of a cyber-connected contractor world whether it’s scheduling software, automated systems on heavy equipment, or satellite mapping systems on hand-held devices. All this data helps us improve our services for customers while maintaining an edge over competition.

Our goal at Ace Construction Texas is to prioritize cyber business operations to produce the best possible results for our customers.

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